DC Prestige

DC Prestige is a full fragrance brand concept taking the superhero that is in each of us and transforming it into fragrance.

These brands overcome any age constraints because even as adults we align ourselves with these characters or at least some of their traits. These superheros are aspirational as well as inspirational and still can be seen on and around us on a constant basis, whether it is on a t-shirt, a tattoo, a watch, a belt, cufflinks, license plate, sleepwear, even on the big screen. Make no mistake, these products are specifically designed for adults!

Our first concept in DC Prestige was DC Classics, consisting of two fragrances, Batman and Superman for Men. Batman for Men is a Dark, Mysterious, Powerful fragrance which can be worn anywhere, anytime, and lasts all night long! Superman for Men is equally powerful, but a cleaner, warmer, more sensual scent that is sure to turn heads as well!

DC Women evolved due to pure demand! Tired of hearing “what about me” and “I’m a superhero too” from women of all ages spring-boarded this project. We have initially created fragrances for three of the most popular and relate-able female DC Comics characters, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn. Visit DC Women to experience these Feminine, Beautiful, Powerful, Sensual, designer fragrances created just for you!

Batman Prestige will launch later this year and will feature 3 fragrances for men, Batman Black, Batman Blue, and Batman Chrome. One concept with three different incredible fragrances for whatever mood you are in.