Kids Fragrances (ages 6-10)

The Kidz Korner fragrance profile is broken up into three different age groups, Preschool (ages 2-5), Kids (ages 6-10), and Tween/Teen (ages 11-17) with fragrances for both males and females.

The Kids market is the largest segment within the Children’s fragrance market. They are totally engrossed in these brands in almost every part of their lives. From the clothes that they wear, to the foods they eat, to the products they use, to their entertainment, it’s all about these brands!

All of the fragrances are created with current fragrance trends in mind and though they are age appropriate, the quality, wear-ability, and price make them attractive to segments all the way to adult fragrance users

We are fortunate to offer fragrances for some of the best licenses available today for kids, brand names they know…and trust.