Preschool Fragrances

The Kidz Korner fragrance profile is broken up into three different age groups, Preschool (ages 2-5), Kids (ages 6-10), and Tween/Teen (ages 11-17) with fragrances for both males and females.

Preschoolers today are bombarded with media!  On average, a preschooler spends over 30 hours per week watching TV.  In addition, their programming is also available immediately on DVD’s, You Tube, pay services like Netflix, and even through On Demand cable services.  The introduction of smartphone and tablet devices have given birth to thousands of applications geared to entertain preschoolers.

These mediums have become very important tools in the development of a young child as particularly in this segment, most of the programming catered to them has an educational focus.

We are fortunate to offer fragrances for some of the best licenses available today for preschoolers, which not only entertain…but teach as well!  These brand names consistently weave themselves into almost every aspect of their lives.